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Any Age, Any Season

Many of us started dancing when we were young. We grew up on dance teams and in studios. We trained, we sweated, we bled, we hurt, we grew, we cried, we laughed, we loved, we persevered. We competed and performed. But mostly, we danced. When you spend hours upon hours and days upon days doing something you love it becomes a part of you. I know there is no scientific data behind this but in many ways it feels like dance becomes part of your DNA. It's in you—breathing, moving, being. But tick tock goes the clock and suddenly you're 18 and an adult. It's what we've been waiting for, right? Only, wait, there are so few places to dance now. That thing that consumed your every minute is just...over?

Did you know only 3% of dancers go on to dance professionally? All those hours training and 97% of the students in the room aren't going to dance professionally. So now what? The lucky few who decide to dance in college get exposed to a whole new world of dance. Classes on dance history and theory are coupled with choreographic process and improvisation. New words and ideas are handed to you in class, crashing over you like a wave. Names such as Horton, Graham, and Limon that were only whispered in passing (if at all!) in the studio are breathed regularly and with awe. You perform, you work, you study, you learn. But tick tock goes the clock and once again you find yourself graduating and wondering what to do next.

Some of us go on to teach at studios or pursue a higher degree. Some search for adult dance classes but realize there just aren't that many. Others try to find the same passion for dance in other fitness avenues—yoga, pilates, Shine, Jazzercise, High Fitness, or running. Okay, maybe not running. But you get the point. All these things fall short. Nothing fills the void quite like dancing. And maybe some don't try to fill that space. Maybe some just let it go. You miss performing, that feeling of camaraderie with other dancers, the emotional high of watching an idea that formulated in the depth of your mind come to life on stage. But that part of your life is over. It's done. We've moved on to other things. Only you can't help wondering: How can something that was so important be over just because we've grown older, or had kids, or started a job? Do I still call myself a dancer? And then comes the dreaded realization—I used to dance.

Stop. Rewind that thought. It doesn't have to be like that. Explore Dance Company believes dance can be a part of your life at any age and any season. Our company is comprised solely of dancers over the age of 18, many of who are moms. We don't believe you have to stop dancing because you're "older" or have kids and a family. In fact, in the last three years, Explore Dance Company members have birthed five babies and we have two more due this year! Both those mamas performed pregnant on stage in our 2023 production, CINEMATIC. Together, members of Explore Dance Company strive to build meaningful connections in the community through dance by providing fun opportunities for self-expression, creativity, and new experiences. In other words, we have a super fun time moving together and encouraging others to do so also. If you are missing dance and think you'd like to jump back in, come to auditions the first week of June. Let your body breathe again! You won't regret it.

Explore also offers adult dance classes for both beginning and intermediate dancers. Whether you've danced your whole life and don't want to stop, it's been years and you're dying to start again, or you've never danced and want to try, we believe that dance is for you! And starting in September we will offer a performance track. These classes, one for beginning and one for intermediate, will give dancers an opportunity to work on technique and learn one piece of choreography to perform at the end of each semester.

Come dance! Any age, any season.

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