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How Explore Dance Company is Partnering with TVDSA

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Every year Explore Dance Company partners with a fellow nonprofit and 100% of the proceeds from our silent auction benefit this organization.

Couldn't Explore use that money? Sure.

Isn't it a lot of work to put together a silent auction? Totally!

But you still give it ALL away? We sure do.

Partnering with other nonprofits in the Treasure Valley and connected areas fulfills an important part of our mission. We believe working with other nonprofits builds meaningful connections in the community through dance. It is our pleasure to raise that money and get to be a part of what these organizations are doing.

On April 28, 2023 we will hold our charity benefit concert, Cinematic: A Multi-genre Dance Production, at the Nampa Civic Center. 100% of the proceeds from the silent auction will support Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association (TVDSA), a nonprofit that enhances the quality of life for persons with Down syndrome by promoting inclusive environments as well as advocating respect, dignity, and appropriate support.

Partnering with TVDSA this year has been such a pleasure. Not only will we be able to contribute financially after our show, but we also collaborated with their organization and Elevated Dance Project to host a Harry Potter themed adaptive dance class for members of the community with cognitive disabilities. (Stay tuned for more on that!)

On October 16, Explore was invited to perform at TVDSA's annual Walk for Down Syndrome. We had such an amazing time performing Fosse, Ke Alaula, and Hannah McKarcher's Women's Fancy Shawl solo with live music by Ronald Sam. (All three of these pieces were from our 2022 production, Exploration, which can be viewed on our YouTube page!)

Dancing is such a special gift. To be able to move our bodies and bring joy and beauty into the world is something none of us take for granted. But there is something extra special about performing at community events. The interactions we get to have before and after the performance are something we treasure deeply. Best moment of all? When a little boy jumped up and joined us in dancing! (Now where was the camera when we needed it?)

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